I was so sad when we moved away and could no longer go to Dr. Janning. He truly cares about your health, is great about answering any questions you have, and takes time during each visit to ensure you’re getting the best care you can get. I highly recommend him. Best chiropractic care I’ve ever experienced.

Molly S.

Dr. Janning is very nice and incredibly knowledgeable. You can tell he really wants to help his patients and he makes them feel comfortable. The office is very nice and neat, and he has very convenient hours which is helpful. He also does not try to put you into a long term plan that you don’t need which I am very appreciative of after wasting a ton of money on a chiropractor that had no problem diagnosing and “correcting” problems that weren’t there. Dr. Janning actually listens to the patient to figure out what the problem is and how to correct it which just adds to the fact that I believe he truly cares about his patients health! I would highly recommend Dr. Janning!

Samantha C.

Dr. Janning takes the time to work on and resolve any issues you may be having from back pain to headaches. He has resolved issues that I have had for years that had no relief from other treatments.

-Joyce F.

I highly recommend Dr. Janning to anybody I talk to about chiropractic care. He has helped my husband and I on many different things from back pain to migraines! My daughter had been having problems with getting to the bathroom on time, reading and just staying on task, I brought her in and he has worked his magic! She is now staying dry. Her reading has improved tremendously and she is now getting her school/homework done more efficiently without having to stand over her and prompting her to keep going!

-Laura A.

Dr. Janning was amazing with my son who had severe torticollis and very tight shoulders with clenched fists after a long NICU stay after birth. I was scared, sad and felt lost at what to do to help my son. I called Dr. Janning and he got my son right in and started an aggressive plan on him and how to make him get on the right track. We went a few times a week and immediately I saw huge changes for my son. He was more relaxed, less tense and his torticollis was improving rapidly. When we wouldn’t go for a few days I would notice some discomfort and fussiness. I cannot thank Dr. Janning enough for the time and effort he put into my son to make him feel better.
-Kara M.