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Dr. Chris Janning

My interest in health and chiropractic was first developed during my childhood after being cared for by my uncle, a chiropractor in Carroll, IA. Witnessing first hand how his care helped my family heal from aliments ranging from my dad’s back pain, my headaches, and my sister’s sinus congestion opened my eyes to the amazing power of chiropractic. As I progressed through school my passion for chiropractic and the body’s ability to heal became more engrained after witnessing dozens and dozens of patients start to heal after they were told they would have to live with their issues.

Upon graduating from Palmer, my wife Ali and I, knew we wanted to share 0ur passion with a community where we could have a direct impact on the health of that community. One of the most common questions we are always asked is, “why Granger?!” To us, just like most of you, Granger resembled everything we loved about our small hometowns of Glidden and Templeton. We both loved growing up in a small town where we knew and could trust all of our neighbors and felt that pride of community. Since moving here, we have been blessed with our two children, Greyson and Emmarie, and are excited to raise them in this community. 

In 2012 we opened the doors to Janning Family Chiropractic, bringing a natural and drug free health care option to the W-G community. My passion for helping kiddos, pregnant mothers and growing families was developed after the birth of our son Greyson. By caring for him since birth, we have been blessed with an incredibly healthy child and are passionate about sharing that with our community. 

Many people seek care in our clinic for varying issues ranging from lower back problems, headaches and neck pain. However our patients have found that  chiropractic care has been effective for a variety of their health issues varying from allergies, colic, and ear infections to attention concerns and much more. The goal of chiropractic care is to allow the body to communicate with the brain at 100% optimal function. Unfortunately due to the cumulative effects of stress to our nervous system, this communication system starts to become altered. Simply put, stress overwhelms our ability to adapt causing interference in our natural healing capabilities leading to symptoms and disease.

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Annie W.

Annie is a native of Woodward, IA. She graduated from Woodward-Granger in 2015 and is now attending DMACC. She will finish this summer with her AA degree in Business Administration and will then continue her education at Grand View or Iowa State this fall.

I started chiropractic care when I was in high school because of back pain from sports. Before starting at Janning Family Chiropractic, I never knew all the benefits that came from an adjustment. It amazes me everyday how the body works. My favorite part is hearing all of the success stories from patients young and old. Chiropractic care is for everyone. Since starting at JFC in November of 2015, I have seen major improvements in my life as a whole. I’m thankful for the opportunity to share all the amazing benefits of chiropractic care everyday.